Monday, March 26, 2012

Petru reading for Buni


  1. Great reading Petru!! You are fantastic! Very hard words- "in-line skating". I like how mom points out the no training wheels part of the book :)
    Really, he is doing wonderfully, AM. You should be very proud!

  2. oh I loved this on so many levels!!! Hearing your voice is one of the for sure highlights...beautiful voice!! Felt like I was sitting right next to you. xo Petru...GOOD JOB!! Great reading. I watched every second. :) Yes, he quickly pointed out that the other bike did have training wheels. :)

  3. Ahhh-who is this woman??? This is not Gloria! Ha ha! TOTALLY different than I expected your voice to sound. Completely different!! Really loved this!! Petru is doing SUPER. Did he say "for Buni and the Youtubers" Bahahaha!! And the training wheels-Yes, very fast on that one!! He's a sweet sweet boy! SO cute. So articulate. You are a great mom, AM. This really put a smile on my face tonight!